What we offer

Solution architecture expertise

Design, describe and manage solution engineering in relation to specific business problems. Lead the overall technical vision for a particular solution.

DevOPS support & expertise

High-speed application and service delivery. Continuous integration. Continuous delivery. Microservices, Infrastructure as Code. Monitoring and logging. Communication and collaboration.

GitLab CI/Kubernetes/Docker/ Argo CD/ Terraform/ ELK

Digitalization, automation & Monitoring expertise

Automation of business services. Automatic execution of tasks without periodic intervention.

Python Tools/ Shell  Scripting/ ELK

Administration of GNU/Linux/Unix operating systems

Administration of GNU/Linux/Unix operating systems

Solaris / AIX/ Red Hat /Debian /Ubuntu

Support Open Hardware et IOT

Open source software development. R&D support on open source solutions. R&D support on open source solutions development.

Support aux processus ITIL

Integration of open source and ITIL business processes

Network administration

Network monitoring. Test the network for weaknesses, keeping an eye out for necessary updates. Install and implement security programs. Evaluate, implement the network.

Software development

Optimal and personalized development of your applications

Expertise in database administration

Design and development of databases. Management of database security/integrity and backup procedures. Implementation of disaster recovery plans.

Agile processes

Integration of Agile and Open Source Enterprise processes

Open source Philosophy best practices Support

Open source enterprise. Open source licenses. R&D and Open Source Enterprise.

Free software philosophy best practices Support

Open source company. Open source software licensing. R&D, Free Software and Open Source Enterprise.

IT and cybersecurity support

Cloud security. Internet security. Network security. Endpoint security. Application security.

Data backup and recovery

Data recovery. Data security. Electronic document management. Version management. Structured content management

Integration and development of open source solutions

Integration of open source solutions. All-in-one open source solutions for businesses.

Management of open source software licenses

Free softwareOpen source . Open source Enterprise. Free software licensing. R&D, free software and Open source Enterprise.

Hosting, cloud computing and virtualization services

Hosting assistance. Cloud management. Deployment of virtualized infrastructures.

VPS/VDS support & deployment

Business empowerment and R&D

Open source software development. R&D support on open source solutions. R&D support on open source solutions development.

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