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Welcome to Nkinda

the digital company that's transforming the way businesses operate! Our expertise lies in high-level technical support and quality O&M services. At Nkinda, we understand the significance of automation in today's fast-paced world. We provide innovative solutions for both small and large industries, offering a range of automation systems and tools
that streamline operations and boost productivity.

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B2B / B2C business
development support 

Maximize Your Business Opportunities with Nkinda

Explore new trading horizons and open up a world of opportunities with Nkinda. Our team of seasoned professionals is here to guide you through every step of the trading process, helping you identify the best market opportunities, negotiate advantageous agreements and develop your network of trading partners. 

With Nkinda by your side, you can extend your reach and maximize your company's potential in national and international markets.

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International Business 

Expand Your Presence with Nkinda

International expansion is essential for the long-term growth of any ambitious company. With Nkinda as your strategic partner, you can turn your expansion ambitions into reality.

Our dedicated international trade team has in-depth expertise in managing the challenges and opportunities of global trade. Whether you're looking to penetrate new markets in Africa, optimize your cross-border operations or strengthen your presence in Africa, we're here to help you every step of the way.

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Simplify your trade with Nkinda

Import-export is the beating heart of world trade, and at Nkinda we're determined to help you make the most of it. Whether you're looking to import high-quality products to meet your customers' demands, or export your own products to new markets in Africa, our dedicated team is here to make every step of the process easier. 

With expertise in international and partner logistics, regulatory compliance and risk management, you can rest assured that your import-export operations will be smooth, efficient and profitable with Nkinda by your side.

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Managed Services​

🚀 Dreaming of flawless IT performance, optimal server management, and perfectly mastered cloud infrastructure? Look no further! Nkinda is here to bring your digital ambitions to life.

✅ Premium Managed Services
Our dedicated team of experts ensures the efficiency of your infrastructure day and night. Benefit from proactive monitoring, regular updates, and unparalleled technical support, keeping your systems at the forefront of performance.

🌐 Simplified Cloud and Server Management
Managing your cloud infrastructure and servers has never been smoother. Nkinda offers seamless integration, cost optimization, and tailored flexibility to meet your evolving needs.

🛠️ Seamless Integration of Digital Services
Stay at the forefront of innovation with our expertise in integrating digital services. Enjoy a seamless convergence of technologies for an optimal user experience and increased business impact.

✨ Why Choose Nkinda?
At Nkinda, we turn digital challenges into opportunities. Our commitment to excellence, sharp expertise, and passion for innovation make us the ideal partner for your business. With Nkinda, you get more than managed services; you get a vision for the future.

🤝 Join Our Digital Family
Don't hesitate and choose efficiency and performance with Nkinda. Elevate your business to new digital heights. Contact us today and discover how our managed services can propel your success.

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In addition to automation

Nkinda provides robust support for big industries.
Our advanced log analysis and API analysis tools allow for comprehensive insights,
aiding in informed decision-making and strategy formulation.
The big industry monitoring system tools we offer empower you
to monitor and optimize your operations, ensuring optimal performance and staying
ahead in the competitive landscape.

Real time monitoring.

Elevate Your System Operation & Maintenance with Expertise and Precision!

Nkinda, a trailblazing digital company, brings a game-changing approach to System Operation & Maintenance (O&M). Our unparalleled expertise in O&M is designed to optimize your systems, ensuring they function at peak performance, smoothly and efficiently. We understand the critical role that well-maintained systems play in your business success.

But we don't stop there. Nkinda takes it a step further with our counter-expertise in O&M. We scrutinize, refine, and challenge the status quo to provide you with a comprehensive view, unlocking opportunities for enhancements and efficiency.

Partner with Nkinda for a transformative O&M experience. Let us drive your systems towards excellence and reliability. Your success is our mission!

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Your R&D Partner for Big Industry Breakthroughs!

At Nkinda, we are more than just a digital company—we are your strategic ally in Research and Development (R&D) for the big leagues. Our team of experts possesses unparalleled R&D expertise, dedicated to propelling your industry forward. We specialize in innovative solutions, guiding your R&D initiatives towards success.

But that's not all. Nkinda also offers R&D counter-expertise, providing valuable insights to ensure a comprehensive approach. We analyze, challenge, and fine-tune your strategies, ensuring that your R&D efforts are optimized for maximum impact.

Trust Nkinda to be your dedicated partner, pushing the boundaries of R&D in the big industry. Let's innovate, collaborate, and drive your success story to new heights!

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Harness African Talent for Service Externalization!

Nkinda, your trusted digital partner, offers a remarkable opportunity to externalize your services through a skilled Swat team from Africa. Our commitment is to connect you with the continent's rich pool of experienced and talented engineers, ready to elevate your business operations.

Imagine tapping into Africa's abundance of talent, expertise, and innovation. We enable you to harness the potential of African professionals, ensuring a seamless and efficient service externalization process. Let Nkinda be the bridge that connects you to Africa's burgeoning talent pool.

Join us in embracing the future of service externalization. Maximize your potential and expand your horizons with the exceptional capabilities of African talents. Let's build a brighter future for your business, together.

African Talent

For small and big industry automation needs

Nkinda offers a suite of tailored tools designed to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
From Email Marketing Automation, email database parsing and validation to phone number generation and validation,
our tools ensure seamless communication and data accuracy. .

Monitoring systems are in place to guarantee smooth operations and quick responses
to any potential issues, keeping your business at its peak performance.

✅ Email Marketing Automation
✅ Social Media Management and Scheduling
✅ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Automation
✅ Chatbots and Live Chat Automation
✅ Content Curation and Distribution
✅ Lead Generation and Qualification
✅ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Automation
✅ Analytics and Reporting Automation
✅ Ad Campaign Automation
✅ Personalized Recommendations and Upselling
✅ Event and Webinar Management
✅ Automated Surveys and Feedback Collection

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Join us and make your company a better place.


Discover Nkinda's Business Service Platform: Your All-in-One Digital Solution for Every Business.

Whether you're running a small startup or a thriving enterprise, Nkinda's Business Service Platform is the comprehensive digital solution tailored for your success. It's not just a platform; it's a transformational tool that revolutionizes the way businesses operate and grow.

Our Enterprise solution empowers you to seamlessly manage multiple businesses simultaneously, providing the efficiency and scalability your ventures demand. With Nkinda's robust and multifunctional platform, you gain access to a suite of 23 powerful enterprise applications designed to enhance every aspect of your business.

Key Features:
✅ Store Management
✅ Point-of-sale Management
✅ Inventory Management for All Product Types
✅ Cash Register
✅ Payroll Software
✅ Invoicing
✅ Accounting
✅ Purchasing Management
✅ Sales Management
✅ Personnel Management
✅ Online Payment (E-payment)
✅ Content Management
✅ E-Commerce

Experience the future of business management with Nkinda's Business Service Platform. Streamline operations, boost productivity, and elevate your business to new heights of efficiency. Join us and embrace the limitless potential of integrated digital solutions. Your success story starts here.

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Manage your business at 360

The best tools for a complete management
of your company, the FCMS (Full Company Management Solution)
to boost your performance.

Nkinda Cloud

The best of the cloud at Nkinda. A complete solution for hosting and centralizing your data.

Support & tracking solution for Vehicle, Motorcycle, Tricycle​

You have a cab, you have a fleet of motorcycles or vehicles that are on the road, monitor them in real time with Nkinda.


We offer you transparency and an overview of your business with a personalized dashboard.

Our solutions are secure, with access restricted to employees according to their level of responsibility.


More than 14 perfectly integrated modules covering 90% of business needs.
Providing e-commerce plateform to promote and sell your products and services.
Optional Community Manager service.


Openexpress has built its expertise on its ability to identify and implement the best logistical routes: sea transport, air transport ... Everything is designed to facilitate the import-export of global trade and customs procedures.