Integration of enterprise solutions

We offer you our complete solution to manage any type of business.
Our solution embeds by default more than 15 useful software (accounting, stock management, sales, HR management, ...).
You can also discover our cloud solution.


Boost your business!!!

Your company will soon be competing on speed, if it isn't already. Open source enables speed. A big advantage of open source is the ability to take community releases, get started, understand if they can solve your business problem and start delivering value immediately. Once you make that decision, support and professional services are increasingly available for open source products.

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DevOPS support & expertise

Rapid development and integration of applications and services. Continuous integration. Continuous development. Microservices, Infrastructure as Code. Monitoring and logging. Communication and collaboration .

Software development

Optimal and personalized development of your applications.

Expertise in digitalization & automation

Automation of business services. Automatic execution of tasks without periodic intervention.

Data backup & recovery

Data recovery. Data security. Electronic document management. Version management. Structured content management.

IT security & cybersecurity support

Cloud security. Internet security. Network security. Endpoint security. Application security.

Hosting, cloud computing & virtualization services

Hosting assistance. Cloud management. Deployment of virtualized infrastructures.

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